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Practically Free Insurance  –  An Agency You Can Depend On

When You’re Not Sure Who to Trust

Every insurance agency will promise you the moon. But who can you believe  –  and TRUST with your home, auto and life insurance needs?

That’s when you’ll see why Practically Free Insurance is the wise choice. 

Chris Acker

Agency Owner

Chris has had a long career in insurance. With over 20 years of experience, he takes great care to make sure you are protected properly with his top-notch insurance expertise.

Jamie Rice

Commercial Insurance Agent

Jamie has decades of insurance experience and is an expert in commercial insurance. He loves helping his customers with his extensive knowledge and always goes the extra mile.

Zach Smith


Many of you know Zach. He has been a staple of our team since 2007. You’ll be lucky to have him as your representative!

Megan Summers

Customer Experience Specialist

Megan is usually the first point of contact when you call our agency.  She’ll help you make sure your policy is up to date with the correct information and discounts. She is always happy to help answer any of your questions. Megan is the newest member of our team and we are excited to help her excel at her insurance career.

Steven Sullivan


Steven has been apart of the team now for nearly 5 years. He is motivated by seeing that you and your family are taken care of properly.

Haydon Tussey


Haydon has been a member of the team for 4 years and is an AZ native. He loves developing relationships with his customers.

We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

When you work with one of our trusted agents, you’ll get:

  • Top-notch insurance expertise. We’re the best in the business, and each and every customer benefits from our knowledge and expertise.
  • A personal advisor. We’ll recommend what’s right for you in every situation.
  • Value. We never recommend products just to clinch a commission. We offer advice so you get the most value for your investment.
  • Longevity. Our agents stick around  –  a long time. That means you can work with the same advisor EVERY time you have an insurance need. Bottom line: We can provide customized advice each and every time, because WE KNOW YOU.
  • Superior service. Think of us like family. We’ll guide you in the right direction, based on what’s right for you!
  • Value. We’ll educate you about why you need the best value for you investment, not necessarily the cheapest policy that doesn’t offer sufficient protection.
  • Fun. Every contact you have with your agent will brighten up your day!

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